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Welcome Back, Eagle Readers!

Summer has come to an end and an exciting new year in the library awaits you!  2023 – 2024 is going to be our best year yet and you are not going to want to miss one minute of the fun!  Readers will come into the library with his/her reading class every other week for a lesson and new books.  If you finish your books before your class is ready to come back, you are welcome to come in before school with a pass from the hallway.  There are so many wonderful opportunities for you in our fantastic library! 

Excited for a great year,

Mrs. Schultz

Library Visits

Week A (5th Grade)

Monday – Palmer and Hartrick’s classes
Tuesday – Findlay’s classes
Wednesday – Dooley and Cofresi’s classes
Thursday – Sharp and Espinoza’s classes
Friday – Dagley and Dyer’s classes

Week B (4th and 6th Grades)

Monday  - Herndon, Kelley and Collins’s classes
Tuesday – Disney, Smith and Romaine’s classes
Wednesday – Lide, McSwain and Boudreaux’s classes
Thursday – Profitt and Briscoe’s classes
Friday – Gomez and Bowman’s classes

281-576-2221, Ext. 3524
5959 Gill Parkway
Mont Belvieu, Texas 77523


Kim Schultz

Kimberly Schultz